Steve Schmidt: Mike Pence is Going to Have Very Difficult Time Debating Kamala Harris

Donald Trump was sitting at the ready, waiting to bash any of the running mates chosen by Joe Biden. According to reports, the White House was hoping for Susan Rice so that they could reignite their Benghazi attacks. Instead, the Biden team selected Kamala Harris who will likely prove very difficult for Trump to attack.

Photo by Joshua Roberts/Getty Images

Harris isn’t only a problem for Donald Trump, she is also a problem for his running mate, Mike Pence. Steve Schmidt appeared on MSNBC last night to talk about how the selection of the California senator will affect both men.

Schmidt told host Ali Velshi, “I think Mike Pence is going to have a very difficult time in the Vice Presidential debate. Frankly, intellectually, from an eloquence [and] articulation perspective, they’re not in the same league with each other.”

The Ex-Republican continued:

You look Kamala Harris and the interrogatories from her perch on the committees she serves. Asking questions, holding people to account. She’s a prosecutor who’s going to be able to go out and prosectute a case against one of the easiest targets there’s ever been to prosecute a case against. And that’s Donald Trump. Because we now have an economic calamity in this country. A public health calamity in this country. America is the weakest it’s ever been in the post World War II era.”

Schmidt closed his statements saying, “This is a ticket that is not going to seek to divide us. This is a ticket that is going to seek to unite us. And so you’ll see a broad coalition from Bernie Sanders to disaffected Republicans who believe in democracy. Who believe in the rule of law. Who do not believe the President is a King.”

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