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Steve Schmidt Destroys Elise Stefanik After She Accuses Biden and Pelosi of ‘Stealing Christmas’

Steve Schmidt Destroys Elise Stefanik After She Accuses Biden and Pelosi of ‘Stealing Christmas’

Elise Stefanik won her seat in New York’s 21st District as a Center-Right Republican. Once Donald Trump was elected to office in 2016, though, the GOP lawmaker went full MAGA. She’s been paid handsomely for her loyalty to the 45th president and is now the number 3 Republican in congress.

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Wanting to stay in her seat, Stefanik is willing to push even the wildest of Conservative talking points. On Monday, she went after Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi for trying to ‘steal Christmas.” This led to a furious rebuke from former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt.

Posting a video of Jen Psaki answering a question about potential COVID restrictions, Stefanik tweeted, “How Joe Biden & the Democrats Stole Christmas. Fire Fauci. Fire Pelosi. Fire JOE BIDEN.”

Schmidt replied to the ratioed tweet, writing, “Look at the idiocy below. It is evidence of a deep rot, intellectually and morally. The Harvard educated Elise Stefanik has embraced this stupidity as a Member of the House GOP Leadership in charge of ‘messaging.'”

The former strategist continued:

“She has aired ads advancing white supremacist replacement. theory. The magnitude of Elise Stefanik’s cynicism is hard to overstate. It is poisonous. The consequences of electing the worst among us isn’t just tragic for this moment but for the future generations of Americans who are dependent on our stewardship of what Churchill called the ‘Great Republic.’ We have become hostages to the mendacity and stupidity of our most venal politicians. It seems there is no lie, no stupidity, no malice that is too great for the Elise Stefanik’s and hundreds of her colleagues to strive towards every day.”

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