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Steve Schmidt Delivers A Stirring Call to Action Against Donald Trump

Steve Schmidt Delivers A Stirring Call to Action Against Donald Trump

Democrats have not been alone in their battle to win the White House back from Donald Trump. From the looks of many polls, Independents are along for the ride. And of course, many Republicans left the party after the president’s inauguration.

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The most prominent of these former Republicans is Steve Schmidt, a founding member of the Lincoln Project. On Saturday night, Schmidt delivered a call to action against the current president.

Schmidt posted the call over 10 long messages on his Twitter feed. The former Republican strategist began, “Do Not Be Afraid. Do Not Tremble. Do Not Waiver. Do not doubt either the goodness of our people or the possibilities for our future. Do not let small men with tyranny and malice in their heart, or hypocrites with no core, make you afraid for our future or of your countrymen and women.”

He continued, “200,000 of our countrymen and women are dead. At least 150,000 of them could be alive, but for Trump’s lethal lying and the immoral, supine complicity of his collaborators and enablers. ”

Schmidt closed his thread, “A great champion of freedom has arrived in heaven. Her work is done. Her burden is now ours. Let us honor her legacy by doing our duty. FIGHT, REGISTER, VOTE. I DISSENT are the most American of words. Thank you, Madame Justice. May your memory be a blessing. We all know that it is.”

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