Steve Schmidt Absolutely Torches “Frauds” Marco Rubio and Elise Stefanik

When Elise Stefanik was first elected to the House of Representatives, she presented herself as a moderate candidate. That has all changed in the age of Trump. The former down the middle New Yorker is now all in on Team Trump.

Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

Marco Rubio and the former president had a heck of a battle during the 2016 primary. Trump was able to get Rubio to get down in the mud with him and the Florida senator was essentially neutered.

Steve Schmidt, formerly a Republican strategist, is disgusted with both lawmakers. He ripped the duo in a recent tweetstorm.

Schmidt tweeted:

“Each has spoken out against Trump in the past. They were precise in their worry and condemnation of his exquisite awfulness. Each knew exactly who Trump was. The one thing Trump deserves great credit for is his absolute consistency, steadfastness and commitment to the truth of sharing who he really is. They all knew what Trump was because they told us. Then they collaborated and discarded every principle they claimed to hold. We all know this is true. I know it. You know it. They know it and every journalist who ever interviews them knows it.”

The pundit continued, “They are titanic frauds, elected weasels who share a talent for shamelessness, built on a foundation of cynicism and stone cold belief that their supporters are marks, a type of feeble prey that are either too stupid to notice the contradictions and hypocrisy of literally every spoken word or are too lazy and slug like to care about being abused by constant gaslighting.”



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