Steve Schmidt Absolutely Destroys Fox News Over Kamala Harris Attacks

No president in American history has even been more disrespectful to the military than Donald Trump. The 45th president had so many awful moments that some get forgotten about. But back in September of last year, it was revealed that Trump regularly called former military members “losers and suckers.”

Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

Still, those on the Conservative side of the media still believe they have the moral high-ground when it comes to veterans. So it was no surprise to see the network manufacture a fake controversy this week over a Kamala Harris tweet. Steve Schmidt savagely called out the network for its hypocrisy.

The GOP strategist tweeted, “Fox News is the most divisive, dishonest and damaging institution in the United States. It has poisoned our democracy with conspiracy theories and lies while stoking division and fear. The latest nonsense attacking the Vice President for wishing the American people a long weekend is a great case study.”

Schmidt continued, “The only outrage about @VP wishing Americans a good long Memorial Day weekend are the hypocrites attacking her. The Phony outrage was manufactured at the Fox News Sewer and has been dutifully repeated by people who dishonor America‚Äôs war dead with their faithlessness to the cause they gave the ‘last full measure of devotion’ towards.

The pundit closed:

“Their sacrifice has been disgraced and great violence has been done to the dignity of their memory as well as the nation they died for by a despicable faction of Americans that has turned against democracy in the name of power and Trump. Fueled by cowardice and all of the unworthy vices that have no place on Memorial Day; Trump, McCarthy, McConnell and scores more of our elected officials will continue their lying, whitewashing and embrace of autocratic extremism.”


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