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Steve King Refuses To Answer Question About Visiting White Nationalists In Austria

Steve King Refuses To Answer Question About Visiting White Nationalists In Austria

Iowa congressman Steve King (R) is having a very tough week and the pressure seems to be getting to him. Yesterday, King became enraged when a member of the public asked him about his societal views.

King was asked, “Do you identify as a white supremacist? Then why did you meet with a white supremacist organization in Austria.”

The congressman blew up at the questioner shouting, “Stop it! You’re done!” King was appearing at a candidate forum in Des Moines.

The same questioner had begun by attempting to tie King to Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers. He said, “you and the shooter both share an ideology that is fundamentally anti-immigration —” before being interrupted.

King replied, “No, do not associate me with that shooter. I knew you were an ambusher as soon as you walked in the room. There is no basis for that. You get no question and no answer.”

King’s disastrous stretch began when he retweeted a Nazi sympathizer on his Twitter account. When pressed about deleting the tweet, King said, “Because then it’d be like I’m admitting that I did something, now I’m sorry about it. I’m not sorry. I’m human.”

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As offense at his statements and tweets mounted, companies such as Purina, Intel, and Land O’ Lakes claimed that they will no longer be supporting him financially.

King who was expected to easily win his reelection campaign is now locked in a serious battle with JD Scholten. A recent poll showed Scholten only trailing the incumbent congressman by one percentage point.

King was also called out by NRCC chairman Steve Stivers. The Republican party has been criticized for their support of King. That position seems to be ending with King now being seen as a national pariah.

Despite the controversy, King represents a very red district and may yet keep his seat. This could lead to many more questions like the ones he faced yesterday.

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