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Steve King Laughs About Muslims Being Forced to Eat Pork

Steve King Laughs About Muslims Being Forced to Eat Pork

For years now, the Chinese government has detained the Uighur people, an ethnic minority living in the region who practice Islam. The Chinese have reportedly forced the Muslims to live in their city and assimilate the the countries culture and beliefs.

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In 2018, the United Nations revealed they had credible reports that over a million Muslims we’re being held in camps. America’s most controversial congressman Steve King does not find the situation to be tragic. In fact, the Iowa lawmaker thinks the forced assimilation of the Uighurs is downright hilarious.

The plight of the Uighurs came up when King was holding a town hall in Iowa. The congressman told the attendees, “They want them to put on Chinese clothing and eat Chinese diet, which includes trying to force the Muslims to eat pork. That’s actually the only part of that that I agree with is, everybody ought to eat pork. If you have a shortage of bacon, you can’t be happy.”

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This isn’t the first time that King has addressed the Muslim restrictions on pork. He once said in an interview that he did not want meatpacking plants in his district to hire Somali Muslims. He told Breitbart, “I don’t want people doing my pork that won’t eat it, let alone hope I go to hell for eating pork chops.”

King has all but been abandoned by the Republican party with GOP lawmakers saying they will support his opponent. That has not stopped the congressman from holding town hall meetings in his district.


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