Steve Bannon Wants Republicans to Figure Out What To Do About Swifties

Taylor Swift is the most famous person in the world, and she has legions of young fans. The musician has also become increasingly political over the years, recently endorsing Joe Biden and Phil Bredesen. 

Swift is quite passionate about fighting back against the GOP's attack on the rights of women. Conservatives are terrified that many of her fans will vote Democrat this fall, helping to create a blue wave. Steve Bannon talked about ways the GOP could fight back against this possible Swiftie wave. 

Bannon began:

" Her tour, which is the biggest tour, I think, in music history, stops on 20 August and doesn't pick back up until mid-November, early to mid-November. Fully available after Labor Day to do whatever. And she's pretty adamant. She got involved in the ‘22 midterms and Taylor Swift with TikTok in back of it is a formidable presence. And anybody that doesn't believe that I don't think is looking at the demographic and the power she has with that demographic."

The former Trump campaign manager continued, "I'm not saying Taylor Swift's going to be on the campaign, but it's just there are no coincidences. She's taken, I think, 30 days off, one or two breaks in the tour so far. Here, there's a big gap from 20 August until it starts back up in Canada, I think, in mid-November."

Bannon closed, "And between Labor Day when the really, particularly low information voters and I would never say that her crew would be low information voters, but let's assume that they are. Low-information voters really get engaged after Labor Day, and you got the power of TikTok. This is why you got to get rid of TikTok."