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Steve Bannon Is Working With Far-Right Politicians Across Europe

Steve Bannon Is Working With Far-Right Politicians Across Europe

Steve Bannon is bringing his style of brash style of right-wing politics to Europe. President Trump’s former chief strategist is setting up a “Brussels-based foundation called “The Movement” to conduct polling, messaging, data targeting and think-tank research for far-right politicians across Europe,” he revealed to The Daily Beast on Friday.

Bannon plans to hire around 10 full-time staff and will then double his workers ahead of the 2019 election cycle.

Bannon says his ultimate goal is to create a “supergroup” within the European Parliament and to help the populist win as many 2019 parliamentary elections as possible.

The former Breitbart leader says he’ll spend half his time in Europe and half in the United States following the 2018 mid-term elections.

The move by Bannon isn’t surprising, as The Huffington Post points out, populist movements are growing in popularity throughout European politics while threatening to upend political order.

“Italy is the beating heart of modern politics,” Bannon told The Daily Beast, referring to a coalition government that has brought two far-right and anti-establishment parties to power. “If it works there it can work everywhere.”

To launch his movement Bannon has been traveling to Europe and speaking at conferences and various other events held by far-right politicians. During a conference for France’s National Front party in March he said “victory after victory” was on the horizon. Bannon then promised to help run out “globalists.”

The “globalists” term, when used by the far-right, refers to an anti-Semitic slur in which Jews control the world through financial and other business holdings.

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“Let them call you racist,” Bannon said. “Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativist. Wear it as a badge of honor. Because every day, we get stronger, and they get weaker.”

Bannon’s tour has already shown his support for Boris Johnson and other lawmakers who stand to the far-right and have been responsible for some of Europe’s most controversial policies.

Unlike in the United States in which many of Bannon’s supporters share a similar ideology, leaders throughout right-wing organizations in Europe’s populists often have their own separate goals for delivering change for their own countries.

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