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Steve Bannon Says Mike Lindell Is Being Treated Worse Than Victims of the Nazis

Steve Bannon Says Mike Lindell Is Being Treated Worse Than Victims of the Nazis

Proud white nationalist and former White House adviser Steve Bannon said on Tuesday that Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation lawsuit against MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is worse than what the Nazis did to their victims during the Holocaust.

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Lindell is being sued for $1.6 billion for making demonstrably false statements about the voting machines used in the 2020 election, which he and former President Donald Trump insist were rigged in favor of President Joe Biden.

Although there is no truth to his allegations, Lindell continues to lie and publicly humiliate himself and his company’s brand. And Bannon is all too happy to play along.

“This case speaks to something that is much larger than Mike Lindell and MyPillow. What this is trying to show is it’s trying to shut up the business community and the businessman to say hey, ‘if you raise your voice, if you try to have any opinion at all, we’re gonna come and sue you,’ and most businesspeople are gonna calculate, ‘well the legal’s gonna cost this, I’m gonna lose customers, I gotta focus on the business.’ They’re just gonna shut up. This is to get people to shut up and just go along,” Bannon proclaimed on his War Room radio show on Real America’s News, a conservative propaganda outlet.

“Hey, look back in the 1930s. Don’t take it from Steve Bannon. Read the history of the 1920s and 1930s – I’m gonna pick a random case – in Nazi Germany. Just look at the business community. Look what happened. You can’t look – if you continue to look the other way and shut up, then the oppressors – the authoritarians – get total control and total power, okay? Just read the history of this,” Bannon said.

“That’s what this case is about. This case – they wanted Mike Lindell to shut up and they went to the heart of where he got his resources – MyPillow – is that not right? They want every businessman to shut up and they’re telling you if you raise your voice, if you have an opinion, I’ma go after your business,” said Bannon.

There are no parallels between how the Nazis treated Jewish business owners (like burning down their buildings and deporting them to ghettos and concentration camps, for example) and what is happening to Lindell. None. Zero. But the right-wing’s constant self-victimization has no limits.

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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