Steve Bannon Lauds Maria Bartiromo As The Top Supporter Of The MAGA Movement

During a recent broadcast, Steve Bannon praised Maria Bartiromo as one of the biggest supporters of Donald Trump and the Make America Great Again movement. 

For decades, broadcasters were expected to not show any kind of favoritism when reporting the news. It doesn't seem like anyone ever told Maria Bartiromo. Despite the fact that she works for Fox Business rather than Fox News, she regularly delivers fawning praise of Trump. 

She's also willing to stretch the truth. When Dominion initially sued Fox, they named Bartiromo in the suit. She also peddled misinformation about COVID-19 earlier this year. 

None of that bothers Bannon. The former Trump advisor gushed:

" Right there, Maria Bartiromo is unquestionably the single best person in all business media, and she is the fairest and she's actually true MAGA; there's been no better supporter of President Trump or the MAGA movement. We opened today, not even bringing the show on, we opened cold with that today because the last 48 hours have been incredibly important. And here's why. You see even the fighting and maybe misunderstanding on our side of the football with allies like like Maria Bartiromo and like Mark Levin."

Watch a clip of the comments below, courtesy of Media Matters: