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Steve Bannon: Impeaching Joe Biden Will Be GOP’s Number One Issue in 2022

Steve Bannon: Impeaching Joe Biden Will Be GOP’s Number One Issue in 2022

In election years, parties typically use their national conventions to announce their platforms. 2020 was different for the GOP. In that year, Donald Trump announced no platform, he just told people to vote for him.

15 May 2019, Berlin: Steve Bannon, former advisor to the US president and US publicist, sits on a chair in a room of the Hotel Adlon during an interview with the German press agency. Photo: Kay Nietfeld/dpa (Photo by Kay Nietfeld/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Joe Biden recently touched on this phenomenon in a recent speech. He hypothetically asked, “what are Republicans for?” As Maria Bartiromo displayed, Conservatives felt attacked by the question because there was no answer. Steve Bannon has a suggestion for Republicans. He thinks their number one issue should be impeaching Joe Biden.

The former Trump adviser said during a recent podcast, “You have stood down ICE and you’ve stood down Border Patrol, and guess what? That’s the impeachment hearing I want to hear. You’re going to sit there for day after day and week after week and we’re going to bring the witnesses. We’re going to bring the witnesses of what you did to this country and what you did on the southern border.”

Bannon continued, “We’re not going to back down, so write it down. This November is about one thing: it’s impeaching Joe Biden to stop this madness and to stop this illegitimate regime from destroying our nation.”

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