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Stetson Cuts Ties With Hateful Nashville Hat Store

Stetson Cuts Ties With Hateful Nashville Hat Store

A woman who owns a hat store in Nashville, Tennessee, has found herself the subject of an incredibly intense controversy. As we previously reported, Gigi Gaskins, the very Trumpy owner of hatWRKS, posted a photo of herself modeling a yellow Star of David bearing the words “Not Vaccinated” and ignited a storm of misery for herself.

At first, Gaskins attempted to control the situation, shutting down the comments on the platforms where she’s not yet been suspended and blocking literally anyone who makes it through to leave one. The voicemail at the shop remains full, and she chose not to respond to an inquiry made via her website when contacted by this writer.

Gaskins was quickly forced to delete the post, and it appears the product is no longer available for sale. The Star of David patch reads ‘not vaccinated’ and isn’t visible on the HatWRKS webstore anymore. Gaskins tried to put out other fires as well, now having removed the Star of David from her Facebook profile. While she deleted her post, Gaskins did not offer an apology. Instead, she said, “people are so outraged by my post? But are you outraged with the tyranny the world is experiencing?” That post is still up on the HatWRKS Instagram page, without a caption or any explanation.

Gaskins also kept posting like her whole life wasn’t exploding, making things even worse for herself.

Gaskins has gone viral in the way no one wants to, with “HateWRKS” trending on Saturday.

But Twitter sleuths are relentless. Users contacted all of the brands sold at hatWRKS, and the biggest name in big hats made a statement on Saturday that announced it will no longer do business with Gaskins.


Other vendors have also announced they will no longer be doing business with Gaskins. A protest crowd gathered at the store Saturday morning as well.

It was also revealed that despite her Facebook rants against socialism and the government, Gaskins had no problem accepting nearly $100K in PPE loans for her small business.

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But probably the best and least shocking reveal after Twitter went deep-diving into Gigi’s life is that she was present at the January 6th insurrection on the Capitol and posted photos on the store’s official Instagram.

This is certainly a Memorial Day Weekend Gigi will never forget.

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