Stephen Miller Pushed DHS Agents To Deport Individual Immigrants — Report

Stephen Miller, the 33-year-old White House policy aide to President Donald Trump, was allegedly responsible for a shake-up of personnel at the Department of Homeland Security earlier this month — but according to a recent report, he’s also been tackling immigration on a case-by-case basis from time-to-time.

Stephen Miller
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

As early as 2017, Miller was making demands to DHS officials pushing them to deport immigrants who had been detained. One instance of this happening took place during Trump’s trip to France in the summer of that year, during which Miller stepped aside to make such a demand to officials over the phone, according to two officials who spoke to Politico over the matter.

But Miller wasn’t making sure that agents were following orders or a certain policy with regards to a number of immigrants detained, however. Rather, he was pushing them to deport just a single immigrant that he was aware of them detaining, hammering government officials to deport the individual during the phone call.

Miller has made additional pushes in the past for ways in which the administration could make examples out of singular immigrants detained or deported by the agency, according to former DHS officials.

“At one point, he wanted us to be releasing press releases every day about the people we had detained and their criminal status,” one former official told Politico. “We were constantly doing a dance just to remain in a legal place.”

Miller was allegedly the individual behind a huge shakeup at DHS earlier this month, which included the forced resignation of former Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, per previous reporting from HillReporter.com. Trump has purportedly empowered Miller with the handling of all immigration-related policy matters emanating from the White House.

Miller is planning to push the administration’s immigration efforts in a tougher — and possibly less legal — direction, per reporting from Vox. As part of his efforts, he may be planning to reinstate, at least partially, the family separation policy that was previously put in place by the Trump administration, although Trump later denied that he plans to go that route again after reports surfaced about his alleged consideration of doing so.

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