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Stephen Miller: Liberals Want to Silence and Punish Conservatives

Stephen Miller: Liberals Want to Silence and Punish Conservatives

Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to the President, is seen as a controversial White House worker due to his hard core views on immigrants. Critics have accused Miller of being the architect of Trump’s cruelest and darkest immigration policies.

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Naturally, the adviser has an opinion on the backlash over the “send her back” chants that occurred at a recent Trump rally. According to Miller, the outrage over the chants is a way for Liberals to suppress the voices of Conservatives.

Miller made his point during an appearance on Fox News Sunday, hosted by Chris Wallace. “I think the term ‘racist’ has become a label too often deployed by the left [and] Democrats in this country simply to try to silence and punish and suppress people they disagree with — speech they don’t want to hear,” the adviser said. “This president has been a president for all Americans.”

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The aide to President Trump feels that politicians are unable to criticize people of different races. He told Wallace, “I fundamentally disagree with the view that if you criticize somebody and they happen to be a different color of skin, that happens to be a racial criticism.”

Miller ended the interview by taking aim against another perceived enemy of the President, the media. “The core issue,” he said, “is that all the people in that audience and millions of patriotic Americans all across this country are tired of being beat up, condescended to, looked down upon, talked down to by members of Congress on the left in Washington, D.C., and their allies in many corners of the media.”

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