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Stephen Miller: Adam Schiff Should Have to Wear a Tinfoil Hat

Stephen Miller: Adam Schiff Should Have to Wear a Tinfoil Hat

Stephen Miller joined the White House on the day Donald Trump was elected. While he is a controversial figure, he has outlasted a most other members of the administration. As one of the long-time advisers of the President, he has a fair amount of pull with Trump.

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And now Miller is attempting to both protect the president through whatever means possible. This weekend the adviser appeared on Breitbart News Sunday. He told the listeners that at this point, supporting Trump is the most important thing a Republican can do and that House Intelligence Chair, Adam Schiff, should have to wear a tinfoil hat.

Using words similar to those recently used by Trump, Miller called the inquiry, “a Pelosi-led coup.”

The adviser then urged any American that now is the time to stand the President. “What people need to do is they need to support our president,” he said.

Miller then turned his attention to Adam Schiff who is the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Schiff has been a frequent target of Republicans looking to attack the integrity of the impeachment inquiry. “Adam Schiff should not be allowed in polite society,” he told the host. “He should be relegated to wearing a tinfoil hat.”

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Miller ended the spot by telling listeners that this probe has nothing to do with Trump’s actions. “They want to force back onto you open borders,” the adviser claimed. They want to subjugate you under a regulatory regime that crushes out your liberties. They want to enmesh us in foreign conflicts all around the globe, and they want to keep us in a state of economic serfdom to foreign countries, trade cheating, and mercantilist policies. This is about the sovereignty, security, independence, and freedom of the American people.”


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