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Stephen King Asks Government: Are Armbands Next?

Stephen King Asks Government: Are Armbands Next?

Legendary horror novelist Stephen King has been a critic of Donald Trump since the day he took office. King also frequently clashed with former Maine Governor and Trump surrogate, Paul LePage.

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As planned ICE raids began yesterday, the author ramped up his attacks on the President and his administration. King tweeted out a list of recent administration actions, then asked if the next step was identifying people by armbands.

The author tweeted to the President, “First, you stoke hatred and fear of minorities. Then you round them up and put them in camps. Next, you send out raiding parties to get those who have been driven into hiding. The armbands come next right?”


This wasn’t the only critique King had for Trump over the weekend. The author was recently asked by NowThisNews to compare Trump to the characters in some of his novels.

King replied, “I was sort of convinced that it was possible that a politician would arise who was so outside the mainstream and so willing to say anything that he would capture the imaginations of the American people.”

He likened Trump to a character named Greg Stillson, who becomes a prominent politician in his novel, The Dead Zone. “When Greg Stillson actually gains a following, he has a cadre of bikers who support him,” the author said. “And they’re at the rallies and they make sure nobody heckles Greg Stillson.”

King continued the comparison, “My worry at the time that I wrote ‘The Dead Zone’ was that somebody like Greg Stillson might actually get elected and rise through the ranks, become president of the United States and start World War III.”

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