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Stephen Colbert Roasts Trump For Saying Melania’s ‘Got A Son’

Stephen Colbert Roasts Trump For Saying Melania’s ‘Got A Son’

President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced that his administration was planning on issuing a directive that would ban flavored products for use with e-cigarette devices.

Photo of Stephen Colbert by Lars Niki/Getty Images; photo of President Donald Trump by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The ban would be implemented because the flavored products appear to be targeting a younger demographic, Trump explained in his remarks.

“We’re going to have to do something about it,” Trump said, per prior reporting from HillReporter.com.

First lady Melania Trump was among those who were part of the discussion in the White House Wednesday. The president said his wife became concerned over the issue of vaping due to their own son, Baron, being around the age that many have started to experiment with e-cigarettes.

Only…Trump put it in a different way.

“We cant allow people to get sick, and we can’t have our youth be so affected…That’s how the first lady got involved,” Trump said.

He added, “She’s got a son, together, that is a beautiful young man, and she feels very very strongly about it.”

The fact that Trump called Baron Melania’s son, and didn’t say “we have a son” caught the attention of many users of social media. It also became the butt of jokes by late-night comedians, including Late Show host Stephen Colbert.

“Nice save, buddy,” Colbert said on his program, pointing out the confusing statement put out by the president, and referencing the word “together” that Trump threw into it.

Colbert then proceeded to imitate the president, per reporting from The Daily Beast, poking fun at Trump for seemingly forgetting that he and Melania had a son together.

“First lady has got a son — together — it’s a mutual son, of course, I’m very involved with the doings of it, and so is the first lady, who is a lovely mother, together, who I love and know her name so well that I won’t waste your time saying it out loud,” Colbert, acting as Trump, said on the show.

“Tim Apple,” Colbert added, referring to an instance where Trump called Apple CEO Tim Cook by the wrong name in March.

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