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Stephanie Ruhle: Conservative Media Is Lying To My Parents

Stephanie Ruhle: Conservative Media Is Lying To My Parents

The way a person views current events can be heavily dictated by the source they get their news from. A Fox News viewer, for example, may see the same event in a much different lens than a CNN watcher.

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This Sunday, Fox News anchor, Chris Wallace, was lauded for immediately fact checking Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on the air. This did not prevent Vice President, Mike Pence, from attempting to make similar claims during an interview with Hallie Jackson. Speaking with Jackson, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle lamented the way that conservative media “lies to her parents.”

According to Ruhle, “Conservative Americans like my mom and dad, who watch conservative media outlets, are being lied to by journalists, by the White House, when they’re told things like four thousand terrorists are pouring in”

The White House maintains that thousands of suspected terrorists have crossed the southern border. The CBP has reported that only 6 people on the terrorist watch list have tried to cross the border in the last 6 months.

Jackson asked Pence about this figure noting that far more suspected terrorists access the country through the northern border. Pence deflected the claim by saying that 3,000 “special” aliens were apprehended last year. These “special” aliens, however, are classified much differently than figures who appear on the terrorist watch list.

Tonight, President Donald Trump will give a speech about the current border crisis. He is likely to repeat some of the stats referenced by both Sanders and Pence over the last few days. It will be up to the specific media channels to again fact check those claims.

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