Stephanie Rapkin, Milwaukee’s “Spitting Attorney” — COVID-19 Status Disclosure Sought By Victims

As protests continued across the country last week, Stephanie Rapkin, an attorney in Milwaukee, faced off with some students as they marched for justice and equality. In viral videos, encounters with two students can be seen. In one, Rapkin is shown spitting in the face of a protestor. Legal counsel for a second protestor is calling for Rapkin, who was arrested on Saturday, to be tested for COVID-19 and have the status disclosed for her victims.

Stephanie Rapkin
Photo: Urban Milwaukee

As reported by Hill Reporter earlier this week, Rapkin was arrested Saturday after reportedly parking her vehicle to block a peaceful protest, then spitting in the face of a 17-year-old protestor who asked her to move so the group could pass.

Now, a second protestor, Joe Friedman, a senior at Ithica College in New York, has acquired legal counsel and is seeking action against Rapkin as well. According to Urban Milwaukee, Friedman was writing protest messages on a sidewalk when attorney Rapkin confronted him. She is accused of shoving the student. She’s also facing a bar complaint for her behavior, and is accused of assaulting an officer during her second arrest — specifically, of kneeing the arresting officer in the groin.

Attorney Michael Maistelman, who is representing Friedman, tells Hill Reporter that he is seeking release of information regarding Rapkin’s COVID-19 status for his client’s safety.

Given the horrific actions of Stephanie Rapkin at a time when COVID-19 is ravaging our country,
we demand her immediate testing for both current and past infection and to publicly release the

In a call with Hill Reporter earlier this week, Rapkin did not deny spitting at a protestor, instead excusing the act by saying, “They were rebels, and they were attacking me. What was I supposed to do?”

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