States Request Refrigerated Trucks As COVID-19 Numbers Surge

As the United States continues to post record Coronavirus statistics (which Donald Trump is trying very hard to control), the skyrocketing death rates in Texas and Arizona have created a demand for morgue space that hospitals just cannot provide. As a result, several counties in those states have requested refrigerated trucks to serve as temporary morgues.

The gruesome ask comes during a week where Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is still attending events maskless while refusing to mandate the wearing of masks in public or take any other extreme actions to protect his state. The Mayors of the five largest cities in Arizona have written to Ducey to beg him to implement stricter mask and stay home orders, but Ducey is among the many Red State Governors aligning with the Trump Administration in pushing to reopen schools despite setting single-day records for new cases. For now, Ducey has put a pause on Arizona’s reopening, and has called for bars, water parks, and nightclubs to remain closed for at least next thirty days. Hospitals in Arizona are currently reporting a 90% capacity for new admissions.



New York was the first state to use refrigerated trucks during the early weeks of the Coronavirus epidemic, while their numbers are in decline Governor Andrew Cuomo is implementing $2000 fines on any visitors from Florida who don’t observe the mandatory two-week quarantine.

In Texas, Greg Abbot, another Governor slow to implement stricter guidelines, has admitted the state may have to go into full lockdown as cases there have risen drastically in the last two weeks. One of the temporary morgues is already at capacity, and with cases only increasing, the state may need additional FEMA assistance.

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