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Starting In 2021, New York City Residents Will Vote A Different Way — With Ranked-Choice Voting

Starting In 2021, New York City Residents Will Vote A Different Way — With Ranked-Choice Voting

A ballot initiative in New York City passed overwhelmingly, with nearly three-quarters of voters saying they endorsed moving forward with instituting ranked-choice voting for city elections in the near future.

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With 91 percent of precincts reporting, 73 percent of voters supported the call for ranked-choice voting, with only 26 percent against it, Vox reported.

The new system of elections means that, starting in 2021, voters will be allowed to pick their top five choices in some ballot races, placing them in order of their preferences. By implementing ranked-choice voting, New York City becomes the most populated jurisdiction in the country that has this system of voting in place, according to a report from HuffPost.

Not all elections will have ranked-choice voting as an option. New Yorkers will not, for example, be able to vote in statewide or federal races using ranked-choice.

But as am New York reported, several citywide races will be affected by the new ordinance, including races for city council positions, as well as executive roles like the public advocate, city comptroller, and the mayor’s office.

Ranked-choice voting has been implemented in several localities across the nation, and in all political races (including federal ones) in Maine.

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In a ranked-choice system of voting, voters determine which candidates they like most, ranking individuals on the ballot from top to lowest in their preferences. If a candidate receives a majority of the vote, no further action is needed.

However, if no candidate receives a majority, the person with the lowest votes cast for them is removed from the count, and the second choice of voters who picked that person is then thrown into the totals. The process is repeated for as many times as needed to reach a 50 percent-plus one vote threshold.

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