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“Star of the Democarate Party” – Avenatti warmly greets his protesters in Ohio

“Star of the Democarate Party” – Avenatti warmly greets his protesters in Ohio

Last night, attorney and frequent Trump critic Michael Avenatti was in Youngstown, Ohio, as the keynote speaker for the Mahoning County Democratic Party Chairman’s Dinner.  Avenatti, who has become somewhat of a star within the Democratic party, spoke on various topics, ranging from General Motors to steel mills and everything in between.

“Where are the steel mills and the jobs promised to local people?” Avenatti asked. “And what about that wall Donald Trump promised the Mexicans would pay for? The check must be in the mail.”

According Seth A. Richardson, a reporter for Cleveland.com, Michael Avenatti also warmly greeted a couple of protesters who showed up before his speech.  “He made sure to go over and say hello,” Richardson tweeted.

The protesters apparently took issue with the fact that Avenatti is representing a “porn star”, as they displayed several signs encouraging residents of Youngstown to “vote Republican”.  One of their signs called Avenatti the “Star of the Democarate party” (It’s assumed that they meant to write “Democratic party”).  Regardless, Avenatti went over to them and tried to strike up a friendly conversation.

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“There’s something about a leader who is happy to walk up to the opposition and engage,” said Pam Keith, a Democratic candidate for Florida’s 18th Congressional District. “I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

Avenatti even joked about the protesters, apparently taking a shot at President Trump’s obsession with crowd sizes, saying via tweet, “YUGE protest tonight before my speech in Ohio! Biggest protest in history of Ohio! Spelling perfect and protest well organized. Very intimidating.”

It’s apparent that Avenatti doesn’t just want to be known as “an attorney for Stormy Daniels”.  He’s been making a name for himself, and even told Hill Reporter’s Brian Krassenstein that he will run for President in 2020 if Trump is still in office and no formidable candidates emerge.

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