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Staffer’s Eye-Roll During GOP Counsel’s ‘Outlandish’ Impeachment Question Goes Viral

Staffer’s Eye-Roll During GOP Counsel’s ‘Outlandish’ Impeachment Question Goes Viral

An unknown staffer sitting behind a questioner for Republicans during the first day of public impeachment hearings temporarily stole the show when he reacted to a question that was brought about by GOP counsel toward one of the witnesses testifying.

Photo by Saul Loeb – Pool/Getty Images

Acting Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor was asked by GOP counsel Steve Castor a question regarding President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and others in the administration creating a backchannel to influence policy in Kyiv, the Miami Herald reported. During that line of questioning, Castor asked a question that a staffer behind him apparently objected to.

“This irregular channel of diplomacy, it’s not as outlandish as it could be is that correct?” Castor asked.

Taylor responded that it could be more outlandish, though he did chuckle while doing so, seeing as how the question is essentially asking if something that Taylor deemed as wrong or out of place could be deemed more wrong if other conditions existed.

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Behind Castor, an as-yet-unnamed staffer can be seen reacting to the question. The person mouths the word “what” and appears to roll his eyes after the question is asked by the GOP counsel.

It’s unclear whether the man behind Castor was a GOP, Democratic, or nonpartisan staffer for the committee.

Taylor has been critical of the efforts by the administration to work to get an investigation started in Ukraine over the summer looking into Trump’s potential political rival, Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden. The current ambassador to Ukraine has shared with impeachment investigators text messages he has exchanged with EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland, in which Taylor notes that military aid to Ukraine appeared to be held up based on getting those investigations started.

“Are we now saying that security assistance and [a White House] meeting are conditioned on investigations?” Taylor asked Sondland in one of the messages. Sondland advised Taylor to call him after the message was sent.

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