Spokesperson for a Major Evangelical Non-Profit Fired for Promoting Vaccine on MSNBC

White Evangelical Christians have gotten vaccinated at a lower rate than pretty much any other group in the country. And now with the Delta virus surging in red states, they are in serious danger of being hospitalized or dying.

Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

Some within the Evangelical community want to promote vaccines and keep people safe. But that doesn’t always sit well with church leadership. The spokesperson for a major Evangelical organization was recently fired for promoting inoculation on MSNBC.

Daniel Darling is the senior vice president of communications for the National Religious Broadcasters. He recently told Joe Scarborough, “I believe in this vaccine because I don’t want to see anyone else die of COVID. Our family has lost too many close friends and relatives to COVID, including an uncle, a beloved church member and our piano teacher.”

Darling also penned a piece for USA Today, where he noted, “There are not many things in the world today that are worthy of our trust, but I sincerely believe the COVID-19 vaccine is one of them. As a Christian and an American, I was proud to get it.”

Troy Miller, CEO of NRB, confirmed to Religious News Service that Darling has been fired. Miller wrote in an email, “Dan is an excellent communicator and a great friend. I wish him God’s best in all his future endeavors.”

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