“Spitting Attorney” Hires Lawyer, Releases COVID-19 Test Results

Spitting lawyer, Stephanie Rapkin, was charged after appearing to spit on a protestor, then arrested again on charges of assaulting a second protestor, as well as the arresting officer. Now she’s hired an attorney to represent her on the charges, and released the results of her COVID-19 test.

spitting lawyer is negative for covid
[Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Hill Reporter was allowed to view a copy of these results, showing that Rapkin was tested for COVID-19 on June 13th, and the results came back negative. The testing was requested by attorney Michael Maistelman, who represents the second alleged victim, Joe Friedman.

Friedman, who is a senior at Ithica College in New York, says he was writing protest messages on the sidewalk, referencing the first incident, when Rapkin approached him and shoved him. The record of her arrest shows that she also ended up with a charge of assault on an officer, for kicking an officer in the groin.

At this point, Rapkin was already facing charges for the first incident, after a video went viral showing her spitting in the face of a protestor, who happened to also be a minor. According to witnesses, the attorney used her vehicle to block the path of protestors. In the video, she can be seen standing among the crowd, with people yelling at her to get back in her car. As several approach her, she turns to apparently spit in the face of one young man.

That’s not all — she’s also facing a bar complaint for her behavior, on top of the charges for assaulting both protestors and an officer.

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