Spiritual Scammer Kat Kerr: Magic Talking Scroll Told Me Donald Trump Is Still President

Donald Trump is still the president and heaven is abuzz with jubilation because Hell can no longer “take over the world.” That is the latest nutty claim by Kat Kerr, a right-wing fake prophetess.

Photo by Pete Marovich/Pool/Getty Images

“At this moment in time, in reality, in legality, Donald J. Trump is our president right now,” Kerr declared on Sunday at One Accord Christian Fellowship Church in Orlando, Florida. “He won. Heaven knows it and they’re celebrating his win. The enemy thought, ‘This is my time.’ Guess what? They want to take over the world. Hell wants to take over the world, and right now, they’re jumping ahead. It’s not gonna work.”

Kerr claimed that while President Joe Biden was being inaugurated on January 20th, a magic wooden scroll named Justice animated itself and began speaking, but only to special “seer” people.

“This is what happened on Jan. 20, 2021. There was a scroll open in Heaven. The scroll’s name is called ‘Justice.’ Things began to be sent down to this Earth at an accelerated rate. The Holy Spirit is setting something in place. I might introduce it tonight. Something that will become a move of God that will touch this whole Earth, and will make things very visible for Hell. The scroll is a piece of paper on a wooden dowel. It’s a living thing. It’s alive. It’s embellished all on the outside. When it’s opened, it speaks itself, it reads itself so it’s released on the Earth. So things have already been set in place. You can’t see it unless you’re a seer, and I keep telling people, ‘If you were a seer, you’d see demons running and screaming from D.C. as fast as they can get out of there.’”

Watch below, courtesy of RightWingWatch:

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