Spiritual Leader To Trump’s Cabinet Puts Blame Of Coronavirus On China, Gay People, And Environmentalists

Ralph Drollinger, a former basketball player turned minister, leads a weekly Bible study group among several members of Trump’s cabinet.


The group meets every Wednesday at the White House to discuss modern political events and their relation to the Bible. Among a number of beliefs Drollinger holds, he believes men should be heads of their households and women should be subservient to them, that homosexuality is an “abomination,” that climate change is a “secular fad” movement, and that immigrants who were separated from their children when they sought asylum into the U.S. were treated with appropriate punishment.

Recently, Drollinger penned a couple of blog posts to discuss the current coronavirus crisis facing the United States — and wouldn’t you know it? He’s got some opinions about that as well.

Drollinger believes that China is to blame for the current state of things, and that God is punishing the rest of the world for that nation’s mistakes, The Intercept reported.

“A biblically astute evaluation of the situation strongly suggests that America and other countries of the world are reaping what China has sown due to their leaders’ recklessness and lack of candor and transparency,” Drollinger said.

But he doesn’t stop there. God is angry at China, sure, but he’s also vengeful toward the LGBTQ community, whom Drollinger believes have infiltrated all levels of government (because, in his mind, that’s a bad thing).

God is mad at those who engage in “lesbianism and homosexuality,” Drollinger wrote.

And to round out the trifecta of blame, the minister puts the blame for coronavirus on environmentalists, too.

The weekly Bible study isn’t just attended by a few members of the Trump administration. Among those who take part are Ben Carson, Mike Pompeo, Betsy DeVos, and Alex Azar.

Azar and Carson are particularly noteworthy members of the group, as they both are part of Trump’s coronavirus task force. One has to wonder: are their views of the current crisis influenced by the man they take spiritual lessons from?

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