‘Spineless McWorm’: Critics Pile On McConnell After Jan 6th Commission Vote

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Q-KY) was dubbed “Moscow Mitch” on Twitter for helping to kill impeachment hearings for Donald Trump, but he now has a new nickname after keeping his caucus in line and blocking attempts to create a bipartisan commission to investigate the violent January 6th insurrection at the Capitol.

The New York Daily News went to town on McConnell in a sidebar on its front page on Saturday, depicting him as a worm after Senate Republicans on Friday blocked the bipartisan legislation. Anointing him “Spineless McWorm”, the paper excoriates both McConnell and “his GOP cowards”.

In the accompanying article, the Daily News says by voting against the commission to investigate the biggest domestic terror attack on our country, McConnell and the Republicans are “affirming they want to close the book on the tragedy” despite pleas for action from law enforcement officials and family members of a police officer killed in the pro-Trump riot.

Even though a majority of senators voted for the bill — including six Republicans — the chamber’s filibuster rule required that it receive support from at least 60 members to succeed. The commission failure marks the first GOP filibuster of Joe Biden’s presidency and is certain to ignite a debate over the need to abolish the arcane rule. The bill would have created a commission consisting of 10 members, evenly appointed by both parties, with the stated goal of investigating every facet of January 6th and making sure something like it can never happen again.

The measure was the product of negotiations between New York Rep. John Katko and Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson, respectively the top Republican and Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee. Thompson even agreed to let the commission’s subpoena power be shared between the parties, which is unusual, to ensure the Jan. 6 deep-dive was bipartisan in nature.

Expect the Democrats to form their own commission now that the Republicans have essentially handed them the chance to subpoena all 175 GOP members of Congress who have turned their backs on America.

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