South Carolina Republicans Censure Lindsey Graham After He Voted For Biden’s Infrastructure Bill

This week, 19 Republican senators crossed party lines to vote for Joe Biden’s infrastructure package. There was a pretty clear reason why they did do. The idea of infrastructure is enormously popular with both Republicans and Democrats.

Photo by Mandel Ngan-Pool/Getty Images

Still, the passage of the bill could potentially give Biden the fist big win of his tenure in office. And it also makes Donald Trump, who was unable to pass an infrastructure bill of his own, look like a failure.

Lindsey Graham was one of those Republicans who chose to back the bill. For his efforts, the Aiken County Republican party has voted to censure the lawmaker.

The Aiken Standard reports, “The local party this week accused the powerful South Carolina Republican of playing both sides of the political aisle to his advantage, consciously violating Republican principles, backing bills ‘that target our freedoms,’ and, ultimately, wandering too far to the left.”

Graham is unlikely to be bothered by the criticism. He explained his vote for the bill, saying, “the bipartisan infrastructure bill is good for South Carolina. It provides much-needed help for our roads, bridges, ports, and expands broadband internet access. I have always been supportive of infrastructure investment and wish we had passed this years ago. This bill provides American infrastructure with a much-needed facelift.”

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