South Carolina Mayors Urge Residents Not to Cross Into Georgia

Weeks ago, the White House issued guidelines states should follow in order to open non-essential businesses. This included factors like seeing cases go down for 14 straight days and the ability to offer tests to any resident who needs one.

Photo Credit: wikimedia

Georgia’s Brian Kemp decided not to follow these guidelines. Despite tremendous criticism, the Governor decided to reopen non-essential businesses like barber shops and gyms. Multiple South Carolina Mayors who spoke with the Daily Beast said that they are warning their residents not to cross the border into Georgia.

Horney Mitchell is the Mayor of Gifford, South Carolina. He said of travel into the neighboring state, “I’m telling my folks, don’t go to Georgia. What I tell them is (to) stay home and stay safe. Do not cross the Georgia line.”

Mitchell continued, “They don’t have a handle on the virus yet. And we are that close to Georgia, some of our folks will travel there and may retract something back this way. So I’m very scared about that.”

Francenia Ellis, who is the Mayor of Furman, South Carolina had similar concerns. “It is very scary,” she said. “Because I do believe that we still need to be more cautious about this thing.”

One of South Carolina’s Senators also disagreed with Kemp’s plan. Lindsey Graham tweeted, “Our friends and neighbors in Georgia are going too fast too soon. We are all in this together. What happens in Georgia will impact us in South Carolina.”



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