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Sources: Don’t Expect The Republican Party to Support Matt Gaetz

Sources: Don’t Expect The Republican Party to Support Matt Gaetz

The GOP has long been willing to support their own regardless of what they’re accused of. Donald Trump still has plenty of fans within the party despite inciting an attack on the US Capitol on January 6th. And plenty of GOP’ers were willing to back Marjorie Taylor Greene Lauren Boebert despite her numerous indiscretions.

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Matt Gaetz, though, seems to be a different deal altogether. Of course, the charge he’s being investigated, sex trafficking, isn’t one most politicians want to touch. But according to a new report from the Daily Beast it goes deeper than that. The Florida congressman is reportedly very unpopular with his colleagues.

One source told the Daily Beast, “I don’t think a lot of people are going to go out of their way to defend him, especially with this outlandish-sounding defense. I don’t think you’ll find a lot of people who are desperate to keep him involved in Republican politics.”

Another party operative said of the Florida congressman, “Even the Republican Party doesn’t like him very much.”

Few Republicans have been more supportive of Trump than Gaetz. Those close to Trump, though, know that this is a situation the former president should stay out of. According to the NY Times Maggie Haberman:

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In terms of how Trump and his folks are handling it, they are still processing the information. There are some people around President Trump, and President Trump himself, who like Matt Gaetz a lot, and people wary of him in the former president’s orbit. The former president’s first impulse will be to want to defend him and suggest that this is political, despite the fact it was Bill Barr under whom this investigation started. There are others around the former president who are cautioning him to wait and see what, if anything else, comes out.”


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