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Sour Ex-POTUS Dumps on Former Veep for Refusing to Commit Treason

Sour Ex-POTUS Dumps on Former Veep for Refusing to Commit Treason

Ex-President Donald Trump is still super bitter because former Vice President Mike Pence refused to go along with his plot to overthrow the government on January 6th. On Monday, Trump sat down for an interview with right-wing propaganda outlet Real America’s Voice and proceeded to trash the tinsel-haired Hoosier for upholding his oath of office and opting out of participating in Trump’s seditious shenanigans.

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Recall that Trump sicked an angry mob on the United States Capitol while Congress was certifying President Joe Biden’s landslide 2020 election victory in the Electoral College. A handful of the insurrectionists managed to get within yards of the Second Family while screaming, “hang Mike Pence.”

But as always, Trump is the real victim, which anchor David Brody confirmed when he prodded his 75-year-old guest about his relationship with his one-term understudy. Brody noted that Trump’s jingoists “will never forgive” Pence for ignoring his instructions to thwart the legitimate democratic process.

“Well, I’ve always liked Mike and I’m very disappointed that he didn’t send it back to the legislatures when you have more votes than you have voters in some cases, and when you have the kind of things that are – that were known in many cases they were known then, they’re certainly getting better and better known now,” Trump said, referring to his ongoing lie that the election was stolen by Biden and the Democrats.

“I was disappointed that he didn’t send it back,” Trump continued. “I felt he had the right to send it back and he should have sent it back,” as if democracy is an overcooked steak.

“That’s my opinion,” he added.

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At this point, Trump started stumbling over his own nonsense.

“And I think if he did I think those legislate – if you look at Pennsylvania now, look at, look at Georgia, look at Arizona, look at others – they’re all now looking at what happened during that election,” said the former leader of the free world. “You may have found that you would have had a different president right now had he sent them back.”

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