Someone Tell Matt Gaetz Tweeting About “Best High Schools” During Underage Sex Investigation Is A Mistake

Matt Gaetz says he’s completely innocent, and a victim of a blackmail scheme, but in the meantime, he’s under significant public scrutiny thanks to an investigation connected to an alleged relationship with an underaged girl. It might not be the best timing to share his opinions on local high schools — as many Twitter users were quick to tell him.

Facing an ever-growing number of unofficial allegations, as his colleages and former classmates spill their own experiences with the Florida Republican, Gaetz is forced to make a decision.

He can either face the allegations and stories head-on, ignore them and carry on as usual, or lie low until it all passes.

He has not chosen to lie low. Gaetz has already reportedly made an ad buy and spent donated money on attorneys, and he’s been very vocal in his denial.

Still, his tweet about a local high school — an innocuous tweet in itself, lauding the school for making a Top Schools list — has a lot of people warning him that it’s not a good time to associate himself with schools.

Responses centered around outright calling Gaetz a pedophile, mocking him with some of his many selfies with student crowds, and warning him to stay far away from schools.

Gaetz has not been charged with a crime, and while the initial investigation reportedly involved paying a 17-year-old girl’s travel expenses and taking her across state lines for the purposes of sex, no additional allegations have been made public at this time involving underage girls.

However, many of Gaetz’ critics have thought there was something creepy about his attachment to teenager for some time.

Photos that Gaetz may have posted to portray himself as a legislator who cares about young people and education came across to some viewers as uncomfortable.

Gaetz was also the subject of some controversy last year when voters wondered about a teen boy who showed up in several of Gaetz’ photos, before Gaetz declared the child his son and shared the story of unofficially adopting him after being in a relationship with his sister.

As the Pensacola News Journal reports, Gaetz made no public acknowledgment of Nestor as a “son” until it became politically advantageous to do so, when a colleague tried to explain what it’s like to raise a child of color in America.

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