Some CPAC Attendees Want Anyone But The Former Guy in 2024

“I think we need a new face.”

CPAC’s theme for 2021 is “America Uncancelled”, which is fairly ironic considering that a speaker had been cancelled before the event began, and several of the speakers are infamous for blocking their Twitter critics. And now it seems not everyone at CPAC is worshipping the gold Bart Simpson Statue dressed as the Former Guy.

While seemingly every attendee expressed support for the twice-impeached Trump, Make America Great Again hats are some of the most popular attire among the attendees, and there’s plenty of locations for people to buy more Trump gear. However, some in the crowd were bold enough to suggest that the endless cycle of scandal and controversy that plagued his lone administration was enough for them, and for some reason(s) they think he’d be a bad look for the party in 2024.

Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Many CPAC attendees expressed support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who gave the first major address of CPAC Friday as the state was hosting the event. DeSantis, despite his continuously terrible record, could still be the party’s front-runner going forward.

One attendee told Fox News that he’d like to see “Somebody who is not Trump. Somebody in the Republican Party who can stand up to the media with a bit more regality than Trump can. Despite how wonderful he was for the country, we can’t have a media focusing on him for the next four years instead of Biden.”

More than a few attendees said they feel Trump has changed the focus of the Republican Party for the better but don’t necessarily want him to be the GOP’s presidential nominee in 2024, with one stating, “I think Trump is the leader of the Republican Party. He is still the leader even if he’s not the president — at least of our party,” but admitted it may be time to move on to a new candidate.

Trump will close CPAC on Sunday when he delivers the keynote address, which some speculate might be more of a swan song as prosecutions against him loom in both Manhattan and Georgia.

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