Soledad O’Brien Rips Into Fox News’ “Stupid Blonde” Ainsley Earhardt

Every morning on Fox and Friends, the hosts talk about COVID-19. Steve Doocy likes to urge viewers to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their family. Brian Kilmeade normally counters Doocy, saying that vaccines are a personal choice. Ainsley Earhardt, though, normally seems confused about the situation altogether.

John Lamparski/Getty Images

Soledad O’Brien recently discussed Fox’s coverage of the pandemic with Molly Jong-Fast. The journalist ripped into Earhardt, saying that she is intentionally misinformed.

O’Brien said during the appearance on The New Normal, podcast, “Everybody at Fox is vaccinated, but they’re going to continue—especially that stupid blonde one, what’s her name? Ainsley,” O’Brien remarked. “She’s just going to continue to talk like ‘I don’t even know about vaccines. Who knows?’ What a complete, non-intelligent human being that chick is, but you know, just constantly it comes out of her mouth is just so unimaginably, uninformed and ill-informed, but it works, right? It works to get an audience, and there’s an agenda there.”

The HBO host then ripped into her former network, saying, “The whole Chris Cuomo thing: How would you feel about CNN being trustworthy and transparent and open when you read through that story? You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist. They don’t have our—the listeners’, the viewers’—interest at heart.”


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