Sociopath Trump Will Flip On His Kids, Says Former Attorney

What happens if Donald Trump is arrested and charged for any of the crimes that have been alleged against him or associated with him? According to his one-time personal attorney, he’ll hand over evidence on his kids, if it will lighten his own sentence.

[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, now has a regular podcast that seeks to “dismantle the Trump legacy.” He routinely shares, there and by social media, his experiences and knowledge of Trump, and the Trump family, and his own opinions and speculations on what can be expected from the former president based on his own years of experience in Trump’s employ.

As he was sharing some thoughts Saturday morning on Matt Gaetz, Cohen posted a text exchange between himself and Sean Hannity, from the time period when he, Cohen, was facing legal repercussions for his work for Trump. He queried whether Gaetz, whose friend and associate Joel Greenberg is reportedly cooperating with authorities, is afraid and reaching out to Hannity himself right now.

As an immediate result of that, Cohen was asked to put his legal background, and his experience with Trump, to a few questions: Is there a solid case against Gaetz (who was reportedly being investigated for sex trafficking along with Greenberg)? Will Trump ever face legal consequences for his actions? If so, would he give evidence incriminating his kids, in order to lighten his own sentence?

To all three, the man who once served as “fixer” for Trump responded with emphatic affirmatives.

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