Social Media God Says Twitter Refuses To Exonerate Trump In Murder, Bestiality

The ‘God’ account that has grown popular on social media platforms has been posting accusations against Donald Trump to call out the president for his own tweets. Trump has posted multiple times accusing MSNBC‘s Joe Scarborough of murder, despite a complete lack of evidence, and the widower of the alleged victim begging him to stop, and begging Twitter to stop him. Allegations made by the Tweet Of God account are intended to make a point: that false allegations are damaging, and that they should be removed or prevented whether shared by average people, imaginary entities, or the president himself.

God-via Twitter

Without evidence, ‘God’ asserted that Donald Trump had murdered a personal assistant, Carolyn Gombel, in 2000, strangling her because she’d gotten pregnant with Trump’s offspring.

This directly mirrored Trump’s baseless accusations against Joe Scarborough, in the death of Lori Klausutis in 2001. The Washington Post notes that there was never foul play suspected in her death, and that the case was closed quickly, as the medical examiner determined that she died from an acute subdural hematoma. Her widower has begged Trump to stop spreading conspiracy theories, and has asked Twitter to take the posts down and protect Klausutis’ memory.

Neither Twitter nor Trump is backing down, though. Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany even stood firm in a briefing earlier this week, saying Joe Scarborough, rather than Trump should be blamed for the conspiracy theories, even if Trump continues to repeat them.

In a separate series of tweets, the God account also claims, without evidence, that Trump engaged in bestiality at Jeffrey Epstein’s estate.

Now Tweet of God says he’s gotten a response from Twitter. The social media platform investigated God’s tweets, and elected not to remove them, saying they don’t violate any of the site’s terms and conditions. Tweet of God claims that this refusal on Twitter’s part to exonerate Trump is tantamount to confirmation.

All three allegations — Trump’s against Joe Scarborough, and both of God’s claims against Trump — appear to be made up out of whole cloth. There’s no evidence for any of them, and God’s, in particular, are clearly intended to satirize and parody Trump’s allegations and test Twitter’s response. Trump has not yet publicly responded or indicated how he feels about false allegations towards him spreading on social media (the bestiality tweet alone has nearly 9k retweets, and over 42k likes at this point), or about social media platforms failing to remove false and potentially harmful allegations against him.

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