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“So Not Teflon” Donald Trump Will Be Indicted, Michael Cohen Predicts

“So Not Teflon” Donald Trump Will Be Indicted, Michael Cohen Predicts

He’s been called “Teflon Don” because of the way charges seem to hit him and slide right off, never sticking. Instead, it always seems to be those in Donald Trump’s periphery — his former attorney Michael Cohen, his Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg, Michael Flynn, and others — who end up with indictments. However, after taking the fall for Trump once, Michael Cohen says that the former president’s non-stick coating can’t last.

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Cohen has a new book coming out, and he spent part of Sunday morning responding to questions on Twitter about the book, his imminent release from house arrest, and of course, Donald Trump. He has a few predictions to offer.

First of all, Cohen assures his readers that Trump isn’t Teflon at all, and that the indictments for the Trump Organization and its CFO aren’t the end. (Weisselberg’s attorney has asserted the same in court, saying that he has reason to believe there are more indictments to come.)

That’s not all though — when asked if Trump and his oldest three children, Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka, will ever be indicted and convicted, Cohen says his answer is “an emphatic yes.”

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As for what Trump will do when this (potentially) happens, Cohen, who also predicted that Trump wouldn’t surrender the presidency peacefully after losing re-election, also has a view on whether he’s a flight risk. He’s saying there’s “no chance” Trump will flee the country to escape justice.

Cohen has been assisting prosecutors in the Trump Organization case, meeting with the District Attorney’s office multiple times after publicly testifying that Trump routinely gave false reports of his finances in order to dodge tax bills.

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