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‘So Desperate It’s Gross’: CNN Panel Torches George P. Bush for Groveling to Donald Trump

‘So Desperate It’s Gross’: CNN Panel Torches George P. Bush for Groveling to Donald Trump

George P. Bush, the son of former Florida Republican Governor Jeb Bush, announced on Wednesday that he is running for attorney general of Texas in 2022.


“I am proud to announce I am a Republican candidate to be the next Texas attorney general,” Bush told supporters in Austin, adding that  current Attorney General Ken Paxton is too toxic to remain in power.

“Enough is enough, Ken. You’ve brought way too much scandal and too little integrity to this office,” Bush said. “It’s time to go.”

Last month, Bush teased a potential bid in a tweet in which he solicited the endorsement of former President Donald Trump.

“Great to speak with President Trump to discuss the future of Texas and how we are keeping up the fight to put America first. I appreciate the words of encouragement and support,” Bush wrote. “Big things coming soon!

On Thursday, a CNN panel brutally mocked Bush for taking a knee to Trump, whom the Bush family abhors. Trump has little use for them either, per his own statements on the matter.

Recall that “low-energy” Jeb was Trump’s rival in the 2016 Republican presidential primary contest.

“It is pretty remarkable. You wanna win in Texas? I guess if you’re gonna win in Texas you need Trump on your side. But the Bush family – its tradition, its history, its cohesiveness – nevermind,” anchor John King said.

“Generations. Generations of what the Bush family stands for, nevermind that Jeb Bush is P’s father, and I was on the campaign trail. I’m not reminded of that debate but I watched what happened with Jeb Bush and this is politics. My understanding is that this was brokered and negotiated and there were calls from the Trump camp to Jeb Bush, the father, to try to ease this as much as possible,” Dana Bash said. “But this has to be the most bitter pill to swallow.”

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CNN Senior political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson opined that “it’s so awkward – I think it’s pretty pathetic on P’s part to kiss Donald Trump’s ring in this way – and there is no end to it. There’s no bottom to the kind of loyalty he’ll have to show to get Donald Trump’s approval continuously.”

King noted that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) also eventually kowtowed to Trump despite Trump having called Cruz’z wife Heidi “ugly” and after he accused Cruz’s father of participating in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

“If Cruz is gonna kiss the ring after Trump went after his wife. I mean, with this, it’s so desperate it’s gross. But it also probably won’t make a difference. Trump always goes back to his gut and he hates the Bush family,” Politico’s Rachel Bade stated.

“Blood is thicker than water right? But not in this case. It’s all about Trump,” National Public Radio White House reporter Ayesha Rascoe observed.

“In this case apparently ambition Trumps family but we will see. We will see, all puns intended, we will see how this goes,” King said.

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