So Ann Coulter Kind of Endorsed Elizabeth Warren

The success of Bernie Sanders so far in the Democratic primaries has shocked both Democrats and Republicans. The Vermont senator recently chided the “Democratic Establishment” for their refusal to acknowledge his movement.

Gage Skidmore

Republican pundits know that they don’t necessarily like Sanders, but they don’t quite know how they want to attack his campaign. Far-right pundit Ann Coulter attempted to slam Sanders over Twitter last night. In the process, she unintentionally endorsed one of the senator’s opponents, Elizabeth Warren.

In a now deleted tweet, the Conservative commenter wrote, “Sen. Warren has convinced me that Bernie isn’t that worrisome. He’ll never get anything done. SHE’S the freak that will show up with 17 idiotic plans every day and keep everyone up until it’s done.”


Media members were fast to capitalize on the words of Coulter. Progressive activist Adam Best wrote, “Elizabeth Warren’s competence frightens both Ann Coulter and Peter Thiel. That’s reassuring as hell. When both white nationalists and diabolical billionaires fear your ability to usher in progress, you’re doing something right.”

NBC’s Sahil Kapur also saw Coulter’s tweet as an endorsement for the Massachusetts senator. He wrote, “I don’t think Ann *intended* this as an endorsement but it wouldn’t surprise me if Warren HQ decided to blow the tweet up and put it on a poster.”

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