SNL’s Weekend Update: The GOP Sounds Like ISIS When it Opposes Gun Control

In the last 3 weeks, there have been two major mass shootings in the United States. Both instances highlighted the ease with which the killers were able to acquire weapons of war. Democrats, understandably, again called for some measure of gun control.

(Photo by JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images)

Republicans, however, were raring for this argument. The GOP continues to push back against even simple measures of gun control. SNL’s Weekend Update took on the issue Saturday night, comparing the Republican party to ISIS.

Host Colin Jost began, “This week kind of felt like Biden on those stairs. You thought it had to get better but it repeatedly got worse.”

The host continued, “Background checks are a great start, but shouldn’t we also do current checks? Like what are these guys up to now? How much ‘Call of duty’ are they playing? Have they recently DM’d a girl ‘Hey’ 30 times? Or how about this, if you want a gun, the gun store has to talk to at least five people from your life who agree it’s a good idea for you to have a gun.”

Jost closed his rant, “And Republicans, stop pretending that this is a Second Amendment issue and just admit that you value guns more than people you don’t know. I mean, these are your political ads. You look like you’re running for President of ISIS. If these Republicans actually cared about the Second Amendment, [they would] also care about the well-regulated militias part — I don’t know if you noticed when they almost hung you two months ago, but our militias aren’t super well regulated.”

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