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SNL’s Michael Che And Colin Jost Hilariously Lay Into Trump And His Administration

SNL’s Michael Che And Colin Jost Hilariously Lay Into Trump And His Administration

It’s no secret that the producers and talent on Saturday Night Live don’t like Donald Trump and his administration’s increasingly hostile attempts to quash immigration in America and hide their dealings with Russian. On Saturday Night, “Weekend Update” co-host’s Michael Che and Colin Jost took the show’s rhetoric to a whole new level.

Che and co-host Colin Jost started by talking about the Trump Tower meeting, Paul Manafort, and Melania Trump’s blood red Christmas decorations before Che jumped into a hilarious and poignant monologue.

Jost started the conversation by noting, “This week Americans were hit with the stunning revelation that their president may have possibly lied to them.”

“Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, who I believe is the love child of Cellino and Barnes, testified in court that Donald Trump continued to work on a deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow well into his presidential campaign,” Jost then quipped. “Trump defended himself saying the deal was, quote, very legal and very cool.”

“That sounds like a Craigslist ad for Russian prostitutes,” Jost joked. “Number all-time time babes, very legal, very cool, man. And we never kill you, only sometimes.”

His co-anchor Michael Che then noted that Trump called Cohen a “weak” person because of his plea agreement with Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel.

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“Oh, really? What gave that away, his chin?” Che asked. “Doesn’t Trump realize that everybody he hires just ends up leaving him or getting fired or locked up? Oh honey, it’s you. He picks counsel like my cousin Tasha picks baby fathers.”

The political rhetoric only continues from there.

We won’t give everything away so here’s the full Weekend Update for Saturday, December 1.

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