Slimy Kentucky Republicans Vote To Strip Power From Newly Elected Dem Governor

While we scramble to ensure the Russians do not yet again try and screw with our presidential election and voting systems, Republicans are stealing elections and invalidating the will of the people right before our eyes in other ways.

GOP efforts at streaking elections by way of voter suppression have been documented ad nauseum, but if those scumbag efforts fail then they simply just prevent Democrats from the ability to govern in the first place.

The Courier-Journal reports that Republicans in Kentucky’s state Senate have passed a bill along party lines that seeks to strip newly-elected Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear’s control over the state’s Department of Transportation.

Via The Courier-Journal:

The Bill would limit the governor to nominating a transportation secretary from a list chosen by a new board whose nine members would be selected by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and local government associations, with those members subject to a veto by the Republican-run legislature. Lawmakers would also have veto power over Beshear’s nominee, making this the only cabinet position in the state requiring Senate confirmation. It would therefore hand over control of a key government post to moneyed corporate interests, and with Republicans firmly in charge of the legislature, it can become law even if Beshear were to veto it since it only takes a simple majority to override vetoes in Kentucky. Only intervention by the courts could stop it.

This is not the first instance of such flagrant anti-democratic behavior, however. Something similar happened in Wisconsin after former Gov. Scott Walker was sent packing, and power-driven Republicans passed a slew of bills in a lame-duck session aimed at reducing the power of Democrat Tony Evers, preventing him from reversing all the noxious and toxic legislation passed by his Republican predecessor.

And now Republicans in Kentucky are doing the very same thing in their state, where insanely unpopular GOP Gov. Matt Bevin was handily defeated by his Democratic challenger Andy Beshear in last year’s race.

This is is why it’s so dang important that Democrats settle on a nominee and support him/her as though their lives depend on it. Newsflash: they do!

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