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Six Former Commerce Secretaries Endorse Joe Biden

Six Former Commerce Secretaries Endorse Joe Biden

Six former United States commerce secretaries from both political parties have endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden for president in a letter obtained exclusively by CNBC.

Carlos Gutierrez, who served under President George W. Bush; Penny Pritzker and Gary Locke, who served under President Barack Obama; and Bill Daley, Norm Mineta and Mickey Kantor, all of whom served under President Bill Clinton signed the letter, which does not mention President Donald Trump by name.

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“We understand the important of promoting economic growth and creating good jobs,” the secretaries began, explaining that growth and the health of the economy as a whole has been decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has flattened growth, exploded unemployment, shuttered small businesses, and left hundreds of thousands of Americans dead.

“This is a moment where we must choose what is better for working families, better for businesses, and better for America,” they said.

“That is why we have come together to voice our support to elect Joe Biden as the next president of the United States. We believe that a Biden presidency will mark the return to the certainty and the security that our economy needs to thrive,” the signatories continued. “The world around us will remain chaotic, but we will once again restore stability at home to show entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, and workers that the steady hand of U.S. leadership is once again at the helm.”

Biden, they added, “is also a man of deep integrity and decency that will work with people of all political stripes to better manage this horrific pandemic and help bridge the deep divisions that are tearing our nation apart.”

Further, the secretaries stressed, “it is our collective duty to ensure that the promise of the American economy continues to provide opportunity and growth for all our working families and businesses, as well as a path for the next generation to prosper. That is what Joe Biden stands for, and that is why we stand with him.”

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The full letter is available below:

Commerce Secretaries Letter by Christina Wilkie

Twelve days until the election.

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