Sidney Powell Promotes GOP Split After Trump Says No To Starting A Third Major Party

Donald Trump has recently said he’s not interested in forming a third major political party. Despite this, attorney Sidney Powell, who fought to overturn the election in his favor, is pushing the idea.

Trump says he isn't going to lead a third party. Sidney Powell is pushing it anyway.
[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

A Trump party or MAGA party, splintering off the GOP, would echo through elections to come. Though Donald Trump has previously suggested he’d be interested in this, his campaign advisor, Jason Miller, recently told Fox News that it’s not happening.

Instead, he says, Trump’s focus will be on supporting Republican candidates to try to flip the House in midterm elections.

Despite Trump’s current opposition to the idea, Sidney Powell is promoting it on her Telegram channel.

[Screenshot via Sidney Powell/Telegram]

Sharing recent Gallup polling data that can be found here, Powell’s post notes that more than 60% of Americans support the idea of a third major political party, and that most people polled feel that both major parties are doing a poor job of representing the American people.

The two major parties, however, dominate America’s political landscape, with candidates for the Libertarian party, Green party, and others, rarely even meeting the requirements to have their names on a ballot. According to Newsweek, about a third of Republicans say that they’d definitely join a Trump party, and many more would consider it — only 30% say they would absolutely not leave the Republican party to join a MAGA party.

This means that a Trump-centric third party would essentially divide the current Republican voters into two groups, two smaller parties — and splintering the voter base would cut their political wins.

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