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Sidney Powell Claimed Dominion Flipped A Georgia County — In Trump’s Favor

Sidney Powell Claimed Dominion Flipped A Georgia County — In Trump’s Favor

Sidey Powell Dominion cheated for Trump

Sidney Powell, one of the attorneys trying to overturn the election for Donald Trump, has clearly spent some time on the outs with the ex-president and his legal team. New reporting shows some insider accounts of exactly what problems the team had with her.

Sidey Powell Dominion cheated for Trump
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Axios has been covering Trump’s outrageous behavior following the election, and in a new story, they delve into the details of one single meeting — described as the “craziest meeting of the Trump presidency” — on December 18th, with Trump still grappling with his loss.

While the full story is a dizzying blow-by-blow of interactions including calls to Giuliani, a shouted interaction that only ended when it appeared a physical altercation might break out, and admission or claim of bribery, the entire team’s hostility towards Powell, apparently for rampant incompetence, stands out in particular.

It starts with White House Senior Advisor Eric Herschmann griping that Powell was allowed into the building. Later, Donald Trump scolds her for having spelling errors in her lawsuit filings. Now, Powell and Giuliani have been widely criticized for errors in and around these cases. In this case, staff secretary Derek Lyons is said to have jumped on Powell for misspelling ‘district’ three different ways in her filings. The attorney complained that this was nit-picking, and Donald Trump reportedly responded.

“No, no, he’s right. That was very embarrassing. That shouldn’t have happened.”

During the meeting, she also reportedly claimed to have proof that Dominion’s had flipped the results in one Georgia County. The problem? As other attendees leapt to point out, the county in question was one of the ones that Donald Trump won.

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It’s emblematic of the other errors throughout the post-election lawsuit campaign, in which attorneys representing Donald Trump’s interests mixed up states, misrepresented witness statements, and generally spouted so much misinformation and disinformation that they’re currently facing lawsuits themselves from Dominion Voting Systems and others. According to USA Today, Powell is facing a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit for “demonstrably false” claims ranging from the political to the bizarre — not only does she falsely claim there’s evidence of election interference, but Powell has even lied about where the company was founded and how its machines work.

In fact, according to the Axios description of the meeting, even Trump’s team finally started demanding that Powell produce some evidence of her claims.

Instead, according to Forbes, Powell started her own Super PAC, where she can launch her unsupported claims into funding for her political agendas.

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