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Sicknick’s Mother, Partner: Republican Senators “Weren’t Sincere” In 1/6 Commission Meetings

Sicknick’s Mother, Partner: Republican Senators “Weren’t Sincere” In 1/6 Commission Meetings

“All talk and no action.” That’s how Sandra Garza, long-time partner of late U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, describes Republican senators who blocked the creation of an independent commission to investigate the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection.

Along with Gladys Sicknick, the officer’s mother, Garza on Thursday made the rounds on Capitol Hill, meeting in person with more than a dozen GOP senators. They also lobbied others by phone or in meetings with staff. In an appearance on CNN Friday, they made it clear that they could tell some of the lawmakers were simply patronizing them.

Gladys Sicknick said that during some of the meetings with senators on Thursday, “they went through their motions, but you can tell that underneath they were being nice to us. They were very charming, and they knew what they were doing. They knew how to talk to us. But we kind of held back. It was just — it was tense. And we just made believe, you know, everything was fine. And we were very nice to them for the most part. … We knew they weren’t sincere. They weren’t sincere.”

Garza, who is a psychotherapist, echoed Sicknick, saying that many of the meetings were “tense.” She also said she knew she made a lot of Republican senators “uncomfortable” with their conversations but was determined to be “real” about what happened.

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In her meeting with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), who has repeatedly played down the severity of what happened on Jan. 6 and said he was not afraid of the rioters, Garza told him bluntly that he got lucky that day. She pointed out that if the two pipe bombs that were found at Democratic and Republican national committee headquarters that day had detonated, the situation could have been completely different.

“Law enforcement resources would have been diverted and who knows what would have happened?” Garza said. “So, those who want to run with this narrative that it was, you know, ‘it was a tourists’ day’ and ‘I didn’t feel threatened’ — I mean, they got lucky. That’s the truth of it.

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“For them to vote ‘no’ — it’s not protecting law enforcement,” Garza said. “And more importantly, it’s not protecting our democracy.”

“All these other people that are saying that it was no big deal: They went home that night to have dinner with their families,” Sicknick said, referring to GOP lawmakers who have played down the insurrection. “And then, did they watch television to see what happened? And they didn’t feel anything? It’s amazing to me.”

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