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Sick Of Losing Yet? Donald Trump Can’t Keep Apprentice Outtakes Hidden, Judge Rules

Sick Of Losing Yet? Donald Trump Can’t Keep Apprentice Outtakes Hidden, Judge Rules

In 2016, Donald Trump told MAGA world that they were going to win so much, “you’re going to be sick and tired of winning.” Though he certainly proceeded to have success and ‘wins’ in a number of matters throughout his campaign and presidency, he’s also suffered quite a few losses, both in court and at the ballot box.

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Aside from losing the presidency and the shield against litigation that came with it, Trump is suffering a series of setbacks in legal proceedings, including the indictments against his company and CFO.

Now in the latest loss for the former president, the Daily Beast is reporting that he’s failed in a bid to keep a group of entrepreneurs from viewing The Apprentice outtakes that they believe could prove the Trump family knowingly scammed investors by encouraging them to invest in a particular MLM company.

The Apprentice outtakes have been a subject of controversy and curiosity since well before Trump took office. In fact, Tom Arnold did a whole Vice TV series centering around his quest to find certain tapes that were rumored to exist, although it wasn’t for evidence of scams or fraud. He was looking for any and all of the rumored footage that might exist of Trump exhibiting behavior that would demonstrate unfitness for office, including racist remarks.

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However, one particular aspect of that hunt was specifically an effort to retrieve footage from the Apprentice set, and at the time there was much speculation about why Trump was fighting so hard to keep them secret. Whatever the contents, these tapes, at least, will at last be exposed.

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