Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says he Might be Willing to Perform Sexual Acts with President Trump

If you’ve been keeping up with Sasha Baron Cohen’s ‘WHO IS AMERICA‘ TV series on Showtime, then you are probably aware of the various absurdities that he has been able to get Republican politicians to do and say.

On this week’s episode, Cohen, playing the part of a Finnish YouTube star going by the moniker “OMGWhizzBoyOMG!”, targeted Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona.

For those of you unaware of who Arpaio is.  He was the Sheriff who President Trump pardoned, and he’s also currently running for a Senate seat in Arizona.

In the absurd segment, which can be viewed below, Cohen asks Arpaio many questions concerning his take on gun rights, the rumors that Trump took part in a “golden shower”, and even “hand jobs”.

The most surprising part of this segment came when Cohen asked Arpaio if he would be willing to accept a “blow job” from President Trump.

“If Donald Trump calls you up after this and says ‘Sheriff Joe, I want to offer you an amazing blowjob, would you say yes?'” Cohen questioned.

Sheriff Arpaio replied, “I may have to say yes.”

The conversation on sexual favors ended there, but it certainly has the internet buzzing this morning.


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